Fashion predictions 2k17

Hey guys!

I was lurking on the internet and couldn’t help but find myself in the fashion-centric blogosphere (primarily because I live here.) And I wanted to take the time and make some fashion predictions for this year. I’m going by season, but they will most likely blend together, some well and some super unfortunately. Comment if you agree, or would like to share a prediction of your own!

I look into my crystal ball and I see:

Spring: after spending a long winter bundled up in hyggelig sweaters and sipping tea by the fire, I think that we’re all desperate to feel the first warm tendrils of spring. I’m seeing a lot of patterns, which I’m super happy about. There are a lot of florals, but unfortunately also a lot of horizontal stripes :/ I have this deep burning hatred for most vertical stripes. Unless you’re trying to visually enhance the width of your bust or your butt, they’re a nightmare. Particularly after a winter of downing cookies and chocolate in my hygge paradise. Judge me. Do it. I dare ya.

Summer: I’m seeing a lot of blocky patterns for summer, and I can’t help but feel like there is some influence from the lovely Hadid sisters. Solid neon colors and chunky shapes are going to be all over the place like a cake decorated for a rave and then dropped on the floor.

Fall: I said it earlier in the year, and I’ll say it again. Ripped jeans are going to take the place of our booty shorts when the colder weather rolls around. They’re gaining traction in South Korea, and without a doubt they’ll be stateside just in time to pair with an autumn themed cardigan and a PSL.

Winter: next winter is a hard prediction, since it’s so far away. My best guess is going to be block sole heels to pair with the too expensive ripped jeans you bought before it got cold, and an open wool coat over a sweater in obnoxious colors. Just a thought.

Let me know what you guys think!




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