Loving my tiny closet

Hey guys!

I haven’t done a konmari post in a while, and I just kind of wanted to talk about how much I truly enjoy my small wardrobe. I also obsess over seeing other people’s konmari closet reveals, and I figured there might be other weirdos out there that wanted to see my closet.

I don’t have any before pictures, but I actually used the portion of my closet that contains my whole wardrobe just for coats and a pair of hanging organizers stuffed full of scarves and ties and other accessories. Now, Josh’s clothes take up the majority of our closet and I only need a small section.

These three pictures are most of my clothes. The only things I don’t have pictured are my armored jacket, my snowboarding pants, and my work clothes. I don’t include my work uniforms as part of my closet because honestly I hate them, and if I didn’t have to wear them they’d be out of the house faster than you can say “Ew.” My snowboarding pants are included in our snowboarding seasonal drawer, and my motorcycle jacket won’t hang on a hanger because it is too heavy.

I have my PJ’s and my socks and underwear in fabric drawers folded with Marie Kondo’s method, and I love them. Opening my sock drawer makes me smile like it never has before. Honestly the sock drawer was one of the hardest things for me. I’m a gift hoarder, and nearly all of my clothes before the purge were gifts that didn’t fit or that I didn’t like, but brought me a lot of guilt. Ankle socks are definitely the worst thing for me. I get gifted ankle socks by secret Santas and distant relatives ALL THE TIME and I loathe ankle socks. They slide down my feet, and I can’t contaminate my hands while I’m working or at school to pull them back up. No one wants a dental assistant who’s hands smell like feet from pulling her socks up all day. The sensation of walking on my socks is absolute torture, and I cannot stand it. So I had like a billion pairs of ankle socks that I never wore but felt bad about getting rid of. And now they are all gone! Yaayyy!

I love looking at the clothes I do own now, especially since I made a lot of my pieces and I had so much fun creating them.

I hope that maybe I inspired some of you to really evaluate your clothes and perhaps fall in love with your style all over again. Fashion is an expression of your inner self โค so make sure that the things you own bring you joy.




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