Konmari Update

Hey guys!

I just had a thought that I wanted to drop by here real quick. I read a lot *a LOT* of testemonials and blog posts from people who have tried konmari, and I’m noticing a trend that I am actually reflecting myself. Many people note that even though they haven’t quite reached the “click” point that Marie kondo discusses, there is still a vast sense of peacefulness that begins to imbue their spaces during the process. I, myself, am noticing a more Zen feeling pervading my area. Josh and I currently live with my father, and I actually began konmari as preparation for moving out. About 99% of our stuff is crammed into the master bedroom and bathroom that josh and I share. However, after all of this decluttering our space is beginning to feel more open and welcoming, somewhere that we can relax and spend time together. Though I’m not done yet, I give the KonMari method a solid 10/10, I recommend it to anyone and everyone.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating.

Wish me luck with the rest!




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