Re-learning Socks

Hey guys! So I just borrowed Marie Kondo’s “Spark Joy” from the library and I have to say, it is just as magical as its predecessor. Not only does Kondo’s warm personality shine through every word, but this guide is illustrated! I found that my application of her sock folding method was off, and thanks to this book I corrected it. It is far better! Plus, the illustrations include sweet little bunny characters 🐇🐰 so cute! I couldn’t help but humble brag and include a picture of both mine and Josh’s sock drawers. I don’t know if Josh feels joy when he opens his drawer, but I sure do! Opening mine, I see only the socks and undergarments that I love and feel cute in. I wore a pair with flowers on them and lace trim with my new boots Thursday and couldn’t help but look at them and smile. I even feel joy with Josh’s socks! The grey stripes on each line up, and he let me throw one pair that was stained away! One less pair to deal with. I know that kondo preaches about not tidying for others, and this is the only thing of Josh’s that I have gotten rid of. But I still feel better knowing that he no longer has a pair of brown-grey-roofing tar colored socks. I am truly enchanted by my results, and hope to carry on with this endeavor!

(Josh’s drawer ⬇)



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