My Bathroom Cabinet V.S. My War On Stuff

Hey guys. If you’re somewhat like me, you may find yourself in the midst of a flooded bathroom cabinet, drowning in makeup and other ~super essential~ things. I love watching beauty vloggers on YouTube and reading all the latest tips from Cosmo; so for years I have hoarded every single makeup item I owned, thinking “someday I’ll start doing my makeup all the time and I’m going to need this”. The first problem with that train of thought is that makeup does eventually go bad. I am a huge germophobe, and the idea of bacteria living on my mascara brushes that I’ve had since 2010 makes my skin crawl. The second problem was that I rarely do my makeup, and when I do bother I rely heavily on eyeliner. Still, I felt like I was doing okay with how much makeup I owned. I mean, I couldn’t get my makeup bag to zip all the way closed, I had a huge Estee Lauder makeup case that was super full, and a lot of my stuff was just randomly tossed into my cabinet, but sure, I was okay. After encountering Konmari, however, I realized that I was in major denial. (Heh, Major Denial. How I Met Your Mother reference, anyone? Heh.) I went through my case first, and found that almost nothing in it brought me any joy. I had a nail art kit with a truckload of guilt attached to it, about a million shades of nail polish, and a fistful of eyeliners that I couldn’t stand the idea of using because of the likely germs that inhabited them. To name a few things. Plus, I didn’t even really like the case itself anymore. I thanked a lot of items and into the trash they went. The case went into my yard sale pile, and suddenly I had so much more space in my cabinet. I went through the same process with everything in the cabinet, and now not only can I zip my makeup bag, but there’s tons of room in it. I have a few nail polishes that I adore and I’m down to one hairbrush. (I am not hair adept, and tbh I didn’t know how to use half the brushes I had.) I’m really happy with my results. I did my makeup for a concert last night and I didn’t miss anything I got rid of. If you find yourself constantly looking for things or slamming your cabinets shut quickly so things don’t fall out of them, (I do this on the regular, not going to lie.) I highly recommend the Konmari method.




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