Day 2 in Aspen


 Day two began with the sun slipping over the horizon. We got up, made breakfast, and headed out the door. What was originally meant to be a trip to the stunning Maroon Bells ended in disappointment when we found ourselves the subject of a vehicle ban. All visitors were required to take the bus, the cost of which was far outside our price range. However, my spirits were still high as we changed our plans for the day. After all, who could not find solace and indeed, joy, in the flawless blue sky; the pine trees and other vegetation create and endless sea of welcoming green and the mountains sing a song of home.

We passed the town of Ashcroft and found ourselves hiking a trail for which I have no name. It led us through a seemingly natural hall of very tall trees. On the far side, a breathtaking view of Colorado’s legendary snowcapped mountains pierced the azure sky. A small Creek wound its way nearby, and we took a moment to enjoy it’s charm before we reached the end of the trail and turned back the way we came.

After lunch, we went out for another hike, exploring a trail that led eventually to a lovely church. It truly was a beautiful sight, seeing the aged structure outlined against the clouds. The rest of the day passed fairly peacefully; we rode the bus for a few hours, just sightseeing. When night fell, the three of us went to the heart of Aspen to watch the independence day fireworks. It was magnificent, not only the sight but also the comraderie, the multitudes of people sharing a sense of togetherness as we all celebrated the pride of our nation.

I really had a wonderful time in Aspen. I was sad to go, although the sun rising in my rearview mirror lent a rosy glow to the road ahead.


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