Day 1 in Aspen


Hey guys! Josh and I took to the road to spend the weekend with my dad in Aspen. After a lengthy but ultimately beautiful ride, we arrived at about 11 this morning and got all settled in. We found ourselves at this cute little hotel with a great urban view. After dropping off all of our stuff, we left to wander the streets of Aspen, searching for a bus. We took a cute trail downtown and spent some time in Rubey park. Eventually we caught a bus back to our hotel and got a little rest. Later, we rode the bus throughout the town, admiring the architecture and natural landscapes. Of my impressions of the town, I’ve noticed that there is a certain sense of style that seems to pervade not only the buildings here but also the people. Most of the residents are very athletic, with bicycles being the main mode of transportation. Indeed, the very infrastructure of the town seems focused on providing efficiency and comfort to pedestrians, while still captivating the eye. All in all, Aspen is a gorgeous place and as the day closes out I’m excited to find what tomorrow brings.


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