Personal Post

Hey guys. So this is more of a personal post; someone very very dear to me tried to commit suicide recently, and it made me want to reach out and let anyone who reads this know that they are not alone. I’m here; if you need to talk to someone, send me an email. Message my Facebook page. I’m here, and I’ll listen. Or, if you’d rather, the number for the National suicide hotline is 1-800-273-8255. Suicide is NEVER the answer, and there is help out there.

Anyway, I’ll return to my genres now, I just wanted to post that. On another note, this photo is from our hospital. It’s kind of crooked due to my desire to leave out some of the patients on the rooftop gardens for their privacy. Fun fact, this hospital is the tallest building in our whole city.

Have a great day everybody.





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