Snake Safety

Hey guys! So you know I care about all of you, and your safety is really important to me. It’s getting to be that time of year when great weather encourages hikers to go trekking across the wild trails, and spending a day in nature’s embrace sounds like the perfect getaway. I confess, I too am feeling the pull from the great outdoors. I went hiking this morning, and it was lovely. However, on our way into the deserts of Colorado, we discussed the importance of making sure to watch out for snakes. It made me decide to create a little post on snake safety for you guys. So here are the top five tips on being safe in snake territory.

  1. The most important measure to prevent a snake bite is to leave the snake alone entirely. If you do come upon a snake, simply back away and put as much distance between yourself and it. Warn others in the area that it is nearby, but do not try to capture, move, or kill the snake.
  2. Wear protective gear when hiking, such as pants and boots.
  3. If the snake absolutely MUST be moved, let a professional handle it. Most animal control agencies will have proper equipment and a trained specialist to perform the task.
  4. Be aware of what snakes are found in the area where you are hiking.
  5. If you are bitten by a snake, call 911 immediately. Sit down in a way that the bite is below the heart, and try to stay still and calm to help slow the venom. DO NOT TRY TO SUCK THE VENOM OUT. Do not cut the wound further, or apply a tourniquet. Do not drink alcohol or caffeinated drinks. Do not soak the wound or apply ice.

With all these things in mind, get out there and have fun!

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