Sleeping Bags

Hey guys! So one of my favorite types of travel is camping. To go out to the very bosom of nature and to become part of it, to return to the basis of humanity and to simply appreciate all that is wild and beautiful, is one of the most exhilarating experiences one can have. So I decided that every Saturday will be Gear Saturday, where I will do research on different types of gear for the traveling person and present my findings. Today’s post is on Sleeping Bags!

There are many different types of sleeping bags. They come in essentially only two shapes, but there is also a wide variety of filling material to help insulate them, and that is where the major differences are. The two shapes are:

  • Rectangular sleeping bags, which are better for warmer weather or casual use and
  • Mummy-shaped sleeping bags, which are more suited to cold weather due to their shape being closer to the body and the hood that helps keep one’s head warm.

It is truly the insulating material that defines which sleeping bag is best for you.

  • Cotton is very warm at first, but over time it can wear and will eventually lose heat. It also takes a very long time to dry and is very heavy. This type is best for casual campers who will only use their sleeping bag a few times a year, and don’t plan on hiking much and are prepared for adverse weather.
  • Down feather is a useful alternative to cotton in that it is also very warm but is also lightweight. However, like the cotton, it takes a very long time to dry. This type of sleeping bag is best for casual to moderate campers who may hike quite a distance, so long as they are prepared for unexpected liquid encounters.
  • Synthetic fiber filling is a nice middle ground between cotton and down feather. It is a little heavier than the down feather but yet lighter than the cotton, making it fairly easy to carry far distances. However, the main perk of synthetic fiber filling is that it dries quickly. This sleeping bag is best for moderate to extreme campers, because it performs well even in foul weather conditions.

After some thought, the best sleeping bag for my type of lifestyle is the mummy shape synthetic fiber insulated bag. I don’t mind carrying it, and I want to be protected from cold and wet weather. After making my decision, I googled what I wanted. These were my top choices:

KSB 20 Synthetic Sleeping Bag- Realties Xtra

Price: $174.95


Everest Mummy +5f/-15C degree sleeping bag

Price: $24


Marmot Trestles OF Sleeping Bag

Price: $138.95

After some consideration, I decided my favorite was the Marmot Trestles bag. I’ll make sure I have a great bag before I do any serious camping trips, because quality gear is extremely important when one is cutting the ties of modern society, even for a little while. Stay safe out there guys. Anyway, thanks so much for reading, be sure to follow for more posts. Also, check out my Facebook and Instagram, as well as the Tumblr page for this blog. Have a great day!


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