Hey guys! So I’ve found that blogging about traveling can be a little hard when one doesn’t travel much due to monetary restrictions. To put it bluntly, I cannot yet blog about personal experiences traveling the world when I cannot afford to leave the country. However, a great deal of traveling is research about one’s destinations. Therefore, I decided to post about a new city every Thursday. This week’s Research Thursday’s destination is Vancouver, Canada!


A city of everything. From trendsetting fashion and health-focused foods to outdoor sports such as skiing and mountain biking, Vancouver has something to please everyone. As the fourth most populated city in North America, Vancouver is home to a wide range of peoples and cultures.

For centuries, the Coast Salish people inhabited the area that would become Vancouver, and in fact, their history and culture remains a part of the city’s culture. Captain George Vancouver was the first to explore the Bernard Inlet in 1792; but it was the allure of gold that drew larger European settlements. Today, it is a thriving hub of culture and history.

Recommended places to visit:

  • Stanley Park includes miles of trails for walking or cycling, and a wide range of amazing views, as well as beaches and other attractions. The Vancouver Aquarium is part of Stanley Park.
  • Granville Island is also a highly reputed spot worth visiting. Home to the Granville Island Public Market, one can purchase from an ever-changing selection of handmade items.
  • The Capilano Suspension Bridge is also a popular site, extending 450 feet across at 230 feet above the Capilano River, a veritable hanging trail of stunning views.
  • Chinatown Vancouver appears without fail on almost every list available to man. It is one of the largest Chinatowns in North America, lead only by San Francisco in land size. It is the home to the popular Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden, a popular attraction in its own right.
  • Founded in 1931, the Vancouver Art Gallery boasts the title as the fifth-Largest art gallery in Canada. It has about 11,000 permanent works of art.
  • The Museum of Anthropology at UBC is one of the most highly regarded of its kind, hosting 38,000 ethnographic objects, and 535,000 archaeological objects. The Museum is a research and teaching facility where UBC courses are offered in many subjects including anthropology, art, archaeology, and of course, Museum studies.

Pro tips:

  • Leave from Seattle and take the Quick Coach to downtown Vancouver
  • Gas is a little more expensive in Canada than in the U.S, so try to avoid using the car. Public transport or even just walking is a great way to not only save money but to get to know the city a little more personally.
  • When visiting the Museum of Anthropology, be sure to take the free guided tours.

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