Anniversary in Telluride

Telluride is definitely the place to go when one wants fresh air and a mellow vibe. Large, tree covered hills give way to sharp, towering mountains. Even though it is may, in fact nearly June, most of the mountain peaks still bear the glowing mantle of snow that gives this skiing town it’s winter economy. Slender aspens and shady pine trees are found everywhere available, inviting the essence of the wild into the parks and front gardens of residents. There is also a great sense of the worldly, with flags from every country hanging proudly in the streets. Light poles, signs, and electricity boxes bear stickers for everything from social justice causes to clothing lines. Posters for concerts hang on fences. The town is a colorful and fascinating, a mishmash of different architecture. Filled with a deep sense of respect for nature no doubt born of living at what seems to be the Universe’s feet, most residents choose bicycles for transport. Full racks with “puppy parking” make a charming scene to be found outside of a coffee shop.  The air in this captivating mountain town is actually a joy to breathe, being cool and clean. We came here for our anniversary, spending the day browsing the streets. One perk that Telluride is famous for is it’s gondola rides, but alas, we arrived in the off season and they will not be opened for three more days. Nonetheless, it is an amazing place. After a lovely picnic lunch, we took a nature trail alongside the river, admiring it’s clear, swift water. A white, soft smelling flower that can only be grown in pots at home grows wild here, nestled between rocks and scattered merrily along the path. In three hours strolling amongst houses with lofty balconies and elegant businesses, we encountered precisely 31 different dogs. It’s always a great day when you see a dog. At he end of a wonderful afternoon we headed home, following the winding highways down the mountain. We traced that same road back, leaving the path from a perfect town to be guarded by it’s silent, leafy sentinels.


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