How to Convert Currency

Currency conversion is one of the more difficult tasks when traveling out of the country. Oftentimes, it is easier to simply take a credit card, as credit cards are widely accepted and make conversion essentially unnecessary. However, there are times when one is required to have cash, particularly when visiting smaller shopping areas such as farmer’s markets or locally owned shops. In order to convert it yourself, you must first look up the exchange rate.

At the time of this writing:

1 American Dollar= .89 Euros

1 American Dollar= .68 U.K. pound sterling

$1= 111.24 Japanese yen

$1= 1.26 Canadian dollar

$1= 1.29 Australian dollar

$1= 6.49 Chinese Yuan

$1= .97 Swiss Franc

$1= 1.35 Singapore dollar

$1= 17.38 Mexican Peso

Now that we have the exchange rates for some of the most common currencies, we can perform the conversion for our funds.

The formula is: c= a*b

A= the money you are trying to convert

B= the exchange rate for the country you are converting currency for

C= how much money you will have


For example:

A= $3,000

B= 17.38

3,000 * 17.38= 52,140

C= 52,140

(Side note: 3,000 is a lot of money to just be carrying around. I would highly recommend a credit card. Stay safe out there guys.)

So now we know how much money we have after we convert it into the currency of our choosing. I recommend checking the exchange rate before you leave, either at the bank or on Google. I hope you guys liked this post, and feel free to drop a like or a comment below. As always, this blog is also available on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for reading, and follow for future posts!


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