Various Hikes in Colorado

Hey guys! I am absolutely swamped this week, I picked up a couple extra shifts and we’ve been getting  ready for Josh’s junior prom. I’ve also been working on a couple of projects for this blog that require some more in depth research. So to compensate for not having much by way of substance to post, I’ve included some of my better shots of this particular area that I’ve taken. The only places with formal names include Highway 141 near Fruits, the Mesa, and Rifle Falls. These are all amazing little places to visit, and if any of you are planning on visiting near Grand Junction, Rifle, or Fruita, I definitely recommend stopping by. Any local can point you in the right direction. I will probably be incredibly busy this weekend, so I hope you all have a great time and find some adventure. I will post again next week at the latest. I hope you liked my post, be sure to follow me on Instagram and like the Facebook page Escape Into Adventure. Thanks for reading, and check back for future posts!


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